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About Us

                    D’edge Promotions the best in Town Digital marketing company which began in the year 2017. It was founded under a mission of creating a digital space for anyone and everyone.  D’edge Promotions has specialists for every small digital activity thus making the work effective and worthy.  We have scored the highest rating scale amongst most of our clients level of satisfaction in Website development, SEO analytics and social media marketing.  As the tag line goes “Together we Grow” has been our vision in every endeavour of business. Nevertheless, We have had employees and interns who are now working with India’s top companies.

Why Digital Marketing ?

                          Digital marketing provides small and medium businesses enterprises to attract their target traffic . It is proven that it is more cost effective than traditional marketing. Digital marketing can measure the rate of conversion to an extent by optimization. Digital marketing is not only for sales it is also a medium to interact with the target audience through regular social media posts. Digital marketing or Digitalization of business earns people’s trust and good will. “Internet of things” is the novel concept which is an inclusion in the interconnected grid, digital marketing helps even small enterprises to be a part of this ecosystem and makes sure online business survival has reached.

Web Development

Coimbatore based Website Designing & Web Development Company, built by enthusiasts and professionals who are up to date on the trends and technologies in website design and web development. Our expert website design & web development team always deliver high-quality results while keeping the needs of the clients.

App Development

We are the leading and established mobile application development company from Coimbatore started making android apps.We build app store noticeable, highly functional and performance-centric mobile apps for enterprise businesses. Being a professional mobile app builder in Coimbatore.

Social Media Marketing

D'edge Promotions is the best social media marketing services company in Coimbatore, we can help you to generate more leads, visibility and sales of your business. We perform your business campaigns in the top performing Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, Whatsapp and Google My Business to meet your business goals.

Carrier Opportunities

                    Digital marketing offers a diverse career option. Going forward the world after Covid-19 has ensured the entire world goes digital. The entire world is looking for specialists in digital marketing in the year 2020. Widely, digital marketing is promoting and branding business through digital media in the fastest and reliable mode of marketing to the target audience. Big data being the future revolution revolves around digital marketing. D’edge Promotions offers a wide range of job opportunities for inhouse and clients – some of them are Social media marketers, SEO analysts, Brand managers, Online content Developers, Web Developers , Search experts, Email marketers and Graphical designers. We facilitate internships for all disciplines in both Under graduation level and Post graduate levels.

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